Knock. God Can Redeem the Time!

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By Susan, a mission worker in Russia.

My goal in my teaching career was to work and save enough money to travel around the world. What I did not know, though, was that God was also working in me and growing my heart for cross-cultural ministry.   

Over several years I attended numerous mission conferences to learn from missionaries and to hear about their experiences. These missionaries affirmed that there was a place for me in mission work and encouraged me to not let self-imposed barriers, such as being singlebe a hindrance to getting involved. 

The Missions Director at my church heard about SEND and was pleased to learn that the organization is Christ- and prayer-centered, is all about the kingdom of God, and is team-based. He felt confident recommending SEND as an organization I could work well with.  

Did I Miss My Chance? 

Soon after, a SEND mission coach reached out to meI admit I was afraid to respond to the e-mail; I had not yet sorted out what I wanted to do in missions and so put off my reply. That didn’t stop God though. He continued to remind me about SEND.

By the time I was ready to talk to the coach, I figured it was too late to go overseas that year and that I had missed my chance. However, a godly friend encouraged me to just “knock”.  “God can redeem the time, even though you think it is too late.” 

When I finally reached out to John, the mission coach, I realized I was communicating with someone who loved God. And, even though I did not know exactly what I wanted to do in missions, I felt safe talking with him. I could see that John cared about me and what God wanted for me, so I could trust him to guide me well.

Since I am a teacher, John directed my attention to a teaching opportunity in Russia. As prayed about that ministry, became convinced I should take the next step. 

God Throws Open the Doors 

So, on May 11 of that year I applied to SEND and on May 31, resigned from my teaching position! Even though I thought it was too late to do anything that year, God flung open the doors and by September was in Russia! 



I am so thankful that my friend urged me to “knock” and watch for what God would do. If you’re serious about serving God, even though you may feel fearful, take the first stepYou can trust God for what comes next!     

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