Mentoring Matters: Christine's Story

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My mentor and good friend, Cindy, lost her battle to cancer last month, but certainly won the fight of faith. Even to the end - there was joy in her heart. My friend was with her days before she died and said that while they worshiped together, it was like she was glowing. My friend wondered, maybe she's already halfway into Heaven. I like the thought of that.

Jeff and Cindy are the kind of people who tossed around the idea of having a bunch of us young adults move in with them once their own kids left. Not in a "we want to mentor/disciple you" kind of way, in a "let's do life together" kind of way, which is essentially the same thing in practice. That's how it was - whenever I was at their house, we were making food or coffee or tea. I learned from Cindy while she helped me plan my wedding, while we went to the movies, while she was the vice principle as I taught for two months. I stayed overnight at their house so Jeff could help me with my Bible and Cindy could help me with my lesson plans. We went out for breakfast and we went out for frozen yogurt. They did our pre-marital counseling (and another mini-follow up session with me last month). Cindy reminds me of truth and of the need to slow down, create boundaries around your time, and be courageous. 

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