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Imagine a small classroom. In walks a shy young girl. School and friends are a happy distraction from the frightening reality ahead. Her government-funded education will soon end as she grows older. Either she must pay high costs to continue school or work to provide for her family. Prompted by responsibility, but paralyzed by fear, each young girl must face the harsh and difficult choice ahead. With few options, often they end up in the sex industry.  

Canadian global workers Doug and Lynn are part of a SEND team that confronted this tragedy in a small village in Southeast Asia. Something had to be done.

Confronting the Tragedy

After months of observation and prayer, the SEND team started a life skills class that allowed them to build relationships and teach valuable lessons. Many of the girls in the village attended in the life class. Always hearing about Jesus in class, several girls gave their hearts to Him. 

These girls still face immense challenges. Rather than despairing, Doug and Lynn started a sponsorship program to provide funds to help further the girls’ education and provide escape from the sex trade. The team also established a small dormitory for the sponsored girls. Housing provides stability and discipleship, with a live-in Christian “house mom”. Six young women recently graduated from high school through the program.

"God is not using their team of global workers alone."

Doug and Lynn are quick to recognize that God is not using their team of global workers alone. Each prayer partner and financial supporter plays a significant role in the spiritual impact on this village. God has linked us together to see the Gospel make a difference in this community and on the destiny of young women.

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