Spiritually Impacting Students

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Laura and Ruth, SEND co-workers, returned to the Philippines in 2003 uncertain of what ministry God was leading them toward. Pastor Tony, a Filipino friend, strongly encouraged them to train believers to teach the Bible in schools. Hesitant at first, Laura and Ruth were hooked after observing Pastor Tony and his team teach lessons on prayer in a local elementary school. 

Laura, Ruth, Pastor Tony and others began praying for direction on how to reach students in classrooms. As they prayed and talked with Filipino pastors, God guided Laura and Ruth to think about curriculum. Since no suitable material could be found, Ruth and Lou (a pastor’s wife) began writing modules on biblical values. 

School Doors Opened

While Laura and Ruth were busy developing a program, Gloria Arroyo, the Philippines President, was observing a decline of morals in the country. To address that serious problem, Arroyo announced the following on July 12, 2004.  “I would like to direct the Department of Education to allow non-government organizations of various religions to teach values formation once again in public schools…”  Arroyo’s announcement confirmed to Laura and Ruth that God was indeed opening doors for biblical values to be taught in the classroom!

The following week, 46 volunteers squeezed into the SEND Office in Manila to receive training on how to teach the curriculum. On August 2, in a nearby elementary school, values lessons were taught for the first time! Laura and Ruth were overjoyed as they observed volunteers teach on truth and honesty.

In April 2005, VOICE Philippines (Values Orientation In Classroom Education) was incorporated. New modules were developed. The already-taught curriculum was revised and prepared for publication. Promotion and the training of new volunteers were ongoing. The VOICE staff grew.

Dramatic Impact

As students studied the biblical values, their hearts were changed. One student, after learning that she was created in the image of God and was precious to Him, decided not to end her life. A school principal observed a 60% decline in problems brought to the Guidance Office. Teachers and parents also noticed a difference in the children - so they too wanted to study the Bible! 

"As students studied the biblical values their hearts were changed."

Laura recently learned about Beverly*. Her interest in God was piqued through studying the values lessons. Last year, Beverly began attending a weekly study sponsored by 2 churches to learn more about the Bible. During those sessions Beverly asked thoughtful questions. It is not exactly clear when she trusted Christ, but the transformation in her life is remarkable! Today, Beverly attends a youth fellowship and small group at a local church. 

VOICE is now completely staffed by Filipinos and is in all 81 provinces except two!

Praise God for how students are being spiritually impacted through the teaching of biblical values!    

*Name changed for security reasons.

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