Stuck at Home in Spain

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The Hit 

Spain was one of the hardest hit locations of the global pandemic. With little to no warning, life in this country shut down for what has become a very long time. SEND missionary Kaitlyn Reimer explains that people are not allowed to spend time outside. They may only go to the nearest grocery store on the block and can only walk pets twice a day. Fines have been implemented and they are very high: €1,000 for driving car without a permit, and €600 for walking more than 600 meters from one’s living space. Kaitlyn and the rest of Spain were going nowhere.   

Building the Church 

SEND Spain did their best to “roll with the punches”. Rather than cancelling this year’s much-anticipated youth mission conference (Misión Posible) for example, the team worked entirely from home and recorded the sessions, making them available online.  

Although people are “stuck” at home, the Spirit is on the move. Kaitlyn has noticed that people’s hearts have opened to prayer and having spiritual conversations. Kaitlyn’s non-believing friends have opened up to her about where their faith is at - without being prompted. People are beginning to seek something that can offer them hope and security in a world where there is none.  

"Kaitlyn has noticed that people’s hearts have opened to prayer and having spiritual conversations."

Still, some ministry connections have stopped because of the crisis. Kaitlyn is often unable to contact many of the women she has been working with, which has been a challenge and a grief.  

Personal Growth 

While this time has not been easy for Kaitlyn, she also sees it as a blessing. She has been developing personally through daily habits and goals. She has been training in being a Life Coach. This training has taught her how to better listen and ask questions to others as they take steps forward in life. She hopes to use it to serve the women at Casa Refugio, and the other ministries she is a part of. This break has allowed for her to take care of herself and dig deep into spiritual, physical, and emotional disciplines to replenish where she was stretched thin. 

Like Kaitlyn, many missionaries are home alone and far from their families, and need prayer and encouragement.  Pray that they would be refreshed and renewed in these days. Pray for an end to the crisis and that missionaries would have opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with their community. 

Written by Amy Magwood.

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