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Muslims in Anchorage, Atlanta, the Balkans, Central Asia, Detroit, India, Macedonia, Middle East, Minneapolis, Russia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Spain, Ukraine
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We invite you to join us in life-changing ministry to Muslims around the world. SEND is sharing the hope and light of the gospel with Muslims in Asia, Eurasia, Europe and North America, with new ministries launching regularly. It often starts by addressing tangible needs through projects such as improving literacy, micro-finance, medical clinics, and community health and development—all in order to build bridges of trust into communities. Through all of this, we explain the truth clearly, with gentleness, love and compassion. Our desire is to make disciples who make disciples.

Spiritual Climate

We share our planet with about 1.7 billion Muslim people. Naturally, such a large group represents amazing diversity. There are regional, cultural and language differences.  Some are deeply committed to their faith. Others are more nominal or practice a version of Islam that also incorporates folk religion. Some are refugees who have recently fled violence committed in the name of religion and, as a result, are questioning their faith. Some hear stories of Abraham and recognize Truth. Others dream of Jesus and ask to study his Word. Many see prayers in Jesus’ name answered and want to understand the source of his power. Because God is at work, “we are living in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history,” says author David Garrison. 

Team Goals
  • Mobilize 40 new workers for ministry to Muslim peoples
  • Encourage prayer for the unreached Muslim population
  • Urge the church to realize the need to reach out to Muslims
  • Share with the church the encouraging response of Muslims coming to faith
  • Build bridges into unreached Muslim areas
  • See new disciples raised up in the Muslim world
  • Model disciples reaching out to disciple others—and see others go on to use this model
  • See new churches started and reaching out to others
Join Us

Worldwide, there are 300,000 Muslims for every one Christian worker. To change that, we are looking for people to join us. How is God calling YOU to share his Hope and Light?


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Opportunities in Muslim Ministries

Lancaster, PA | Refugee/Immigrant Team...
Does your heart desire to reach out to the new Muslim immigrants that are coming into our...
Term: Long-Term (3+ years)
Country: Muslim Ministries, North America (Immigrants & Refugees)
Detroit | Immigrant/Refugee Team
Does your heart desire to reach out to the new Muslim immigrants who are coming into our...
Country: Muslim Ministries, North America (Immigrants & Refugees)
Muslim Ministry - Eurasia
Workers to make disciples among M people groups in Eurasia.
Country: Central Asia, Eurasia, Muslim Ministries, Russia, Ukraine
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Project in Muslim Ministries

Team Hope General Fund
In: Muslim Ministries, Southeast Asia
Donations to this project enable Team Hope's many ministries that share the love of Jesus with Muslims--from campus scholarships, to training in farming techniques, and children's values... Read More »
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