Diaspora ministry in Clarkston, GA

Clarkston, a small community on the outskirts of Atlanta, is one of the biggest resettlement towns in the US. Every year, about 1,600 refugees settle in this town and begin their new lives in America. They come from around the world, wherever conflict or natural disasters have upended life.

There's a wide open door here to work among people from some of the hardest-to-reach countries in the world. Refugees are excited to make new friends, have many questions about life here in America, and are re-thinking their lives. It is a perfect time to welcome them with the love of Christ.

Our Clarkston team primarily reaches out to people from Central Asia. Team members use their different giftings to meet the felt needs of the new families and to develop friendships.  They help fill out paperwork, teach people to drive, offer English lessons and tutoring programs, give doula support during pregnancies and births, and put on Kids Camps for refugee children. 

The goal is to develop real friendships, have meaningful conversations, and introduce these refugees to the God who loves them enough to make a way to himself. Most refugees are easy to get to know and very easy to have conversations about God with. Hospitality is a way of life for this people group, and they love to welcome team members to their homes and cook for them. Come join our team!

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