Missions Videos - Sampler

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God is doing amazing things around the world and the SEND 9-video sampler playlist is your front row seat to watch it unfold! The sampler highlights Alaska, East Asia, Muslim Ministries, Europe, Taiwan, Russia and Japan all in one place. This variety of videos and stories is a great taste of missions with SEND.

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  1. Idols - a simple, somber video depicting people worshiping at a Buddhist temple
  2. Melody's Story - a moving testimony of a young woman who responded to the gospel and now wants to take it back to her family
  3. Life In Your Face - the challenges and joys of life in the Far North
  4. Fun with Food - a taste test of some unique, Eskimo food
  5. I Heart Muslims - a challenge to reach Muslims out of love, not fear
  6. Pillars and Bridges – Christian workers discuss obstacles and opportunities for reaching Muslims
  7. Beliefs - Europeans talk about what they believe about God and Jesus
  8. Turn – a quirky glimpse of how God is changing lives across Europe
  9. The One True God - a testimony of a Taiwanese woman who was trapped in idol worship
  10. The Mopeds & The Market - a fun tour of Taiwanese traffic and food
  11. Forward From Disaster - remembering and rebuilding from Japan's triple disaster
  12. Spiritual - Japanese spirituality and how one woman found something bigger in Christ
  13. Reaching Russia Together - Reaching such a massive country with 185 different people groups requires people from around the world
  14. Never Alone - Yulia was on the brink of suicide when a dream about Jesus and meeting with some Christians helped her realize that she is never alone
  15. When God Saw - When God sees the need in the world today...who does He send?