Pray for Your Missionary

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Pray for Your Missionary

Spiritual life Sunday
  • Consistent times of prayer and learning from Scripture
  • Meaningful worship and fellowship times
  • Commitment to the purpose of their ministry
Ministry Monday
  • Boldness to share Jesus
  • Evangelistic contacts
  • Ministry opportunities
Family Tuesday
  • Strong marriage/strong singlehood
  • Needs of the children
  • Support from family at home
  • An example for believers and unbelievers
Relationships with co-workers Wednesday
  • Eagerness to submit to and learn from each other
  • Willingness and wisdom to confront in a loving way
  • A spirit of cooperation on the team
  • Genuine interpersonal relationships
  • Accountability
Place of service Thursday
  • The political and economic situation
  • Safety for Christian workers
  • Growth of the national church in that region
  • Visas and continued residency for missionaries
Ability to communicate Friday
  • Friends to help with language and culture
  • Willingness engage with people even when language is weak
  • Cultural sensitivity to host culture and co-workers
  • Communication with family, supporters, and teammates
  • Diligence in life-long language study
Physical needs Saturday
  • Health, safety, medical care
  • Emotional stability
  • Housing, schooling, transportation
  • Contentment in all things

Pray for Missionary Children

Spiritual life Sunday
  • Personal relationship with Christ independent of their parents
  • Commitment to serve Christ daily
  • An integrated biblical worldview
Materialism Monday
  • Healthy, scriptural view of wealth and poverty
  • Contentment and gratefulness for God’s provision
  • Eternal rather than temporal thinking
  • Daily trust in the Lord’s ability to provide all they need
Transitions Tuesday
  • Fun and lasting friendships despite changes
  • Trust in and reliance on God during transition
  • Flexibility and social skills
  • Adequate and appropriate educational opportunities
  • Ability to adjust to home culture after high school
Witness Wednesday
  • Grace to handle being observed
  • Protection from enticement of host culture
  • Discernment and strength when facing temptation
  • Love for the people in host and home culture
  • Upright behavior
Thirst Thursday
  • Recognition of their own need for spiritual growth
  • Thirst for a deeper relationship with Christ
  • Hunger for His truth found in Scripture
  • Pursuit of excellence and holiness
Family Friday
  • Honest and joyful relationships with parents
  • Balance between ministry and family
  • Appreciation for their parents’ ministry
  • Other adults to encourage and guide them
  • Connection with extended family despite distance
Safety Saturday
  • Emotional dependence on God’s protection
  • Rest in God’s sovereignty
  • Protection, health and safety
  • Absence of fear
  • Awareness of potential dangers