A Children's Event - Ukraine Crisis Story

Children's day celebration in Ukraine
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From a church partner in Ukraine:

"On International Children's Day (Day for Protection of Children), June 1st, our church held an event for children. Sadly, the war has taken away protection and security from our kids and living in Ukraine has become absolutely dangerous. However, we as a church want to make this event for kids so that they would feel, even in these terrible circumstances, that God is with them and loves every single one of them.

We had a Bible lesson for kids, then some sports and crafts. At the end we made cotton candies for the children and gave each of them a gift. While kids were busy with sports and crafts, the pastor spoke to adults about one of the Bible principles of raising kids.

One sister of our team who is responsible for refugees' registration and the registration for the children's event shared with us:

  • An elderly woman called and said that her grandson was at the event and she had never seen him so excited before.
  • Some parents called and thanked us for making this event for the kids, because these positive emotions were very important for them.
  • One mother said that they were still on the way home (they live far from the church) and during their trip home the kids were wildly excited after the event.
  • A lot of parents came to me and thanked for the wonderful evening and the event in the church, and for the important advice about raising children.

We want you to feel what we feel as well when we hear those words of gratitude and especially when we see the happy faces of the children and their smiles! Photos and videos cannot render it to the full extent, but we understand, that these children have been through horrible days and weeks under missiles and bombs, seeing destruction and hearing the sounds of planes, that were bombing them. And at the event they all could be just happy children again because it was their day."