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Ministry in the 60/70 Window is not easy.  People are hurting, and the remedy requires someone to get close enough to love them deeply with God’s unconditional love.  A powerful tool to make this happen is family.  Having a happy, healthy, imperfect family living in these communities is stronger than you can imagine.  However, the harsh reality is that hurting people hurt people. So how does one bring the Good News while keeping the family safe?  Boundaries! 

I’ll always remember the first time I saw this reality.  I was on a short term team teaching VBS in one of our communities.  I was shocked when the pastor told us about this harsh reality.  He said that their kids were only allowed to play with friends outside or in their home.  These safety precautions are not unique to those in ministry.  A woman who just finished a short term assignment with us shared this story.  “A woman in my community recently told me that a “good” mother is one that strongly discourages her children [specifically daughters] from ever entering into another friends’ or persons’ house even to use the bathroom, stating that, “You just never know who or who’s friends, are in there.””

Please pray for our teams, especially those with children.  Pray for safety, wisdom, and that God’s love will transform our communities!

Daryl Carlson
SEND North Communication Specialist  

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