Community Thankfulness

Our friend, Pastor Chris Kopp, shared this on Facebook at 11:11 pm on Wednesday November 25th:  “This is the OPPOSITE of Black Friday. Its nemesis, Community Thankfulness Wednesday. It is comprised of people, not related to each other, who are so grateful for things that they help STOCK THE SHELVES before buying their goods. I love my village and wish your community the same kind of Thanksgiving!”  This comment was connected to the shared picture and post:

“The true spirit of Thanksgiving was experienced tonight. Everts Air finally delivered bypass groceries for the Sweetsir store tonight at 7.30pm (almost two weeks late). Sweetsir notified the community of Galena that the store would be opened tonight from 8 to 11pm so the community could buy the stuff they needed for Thanksgiving. The nearest real big supermarket is 280 miles or one hour flight away. As soon as the community heard the old Everts DC6 fly over and land in Galena, the community descended on Sweetsir Store. Agnes Sweetsir extended family that came to Galena for Thanksgiving were helping packing shelves, as other community members came into the store, they helped as well. There were lines snaking around in the store waiting to checkout, everyone in a good cheerful mood, happy to have supplies to celebrate their Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. The parking lot of the store looked like “Black Friday” in a tiny town.” – Isabella Apfelbeck

This incident brings to mind something a teammate once told me, “We teach the people, but at the same time they teach us!”

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