'Dad, I think it's time'

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Eleven-year-old Curtis carefully surveyed the shelves at The Bunker, his favorite place to shop. Eventually, he picked out two items at the Army surplus store and carried them up to the counter.

The cashier watched as Curtis carefully dug through the pockets of his camo pants to find $12 in quarters and other change. It felt like it took forever to scrounge it all together.

Eventually, he and his dad left the store, with Curtis carrying his purchases and wearing a huge smile.

We’ve all been stuck in line behind a kid who’s counting out every last penny — but Curtis needn’t have been that kid. He’d gotten $30 for his birthday just that morning, plus $12 for doing odd jobs around the house in the days before.

Before he left for The Bunker, Curtis had walked up to his dad with an even bigger smile on his face and handed him an envelope. He’d scrawled SEND missionary Alex Logan’s name on it. 

“Dad, I think it’s time to send this in,” he said.

The envelope contained $200.

Alex is Curtis’ cousin, and he and his wife are raising support to serve in Japan. As soon as Alex was accepted as a SEND missionary, Curtis’ parents had started consistently praying for him and for his upcoming ministry.  

Curtis was listening as his parents prayed night after night — and he decided to play an active part in God’s answer to those prayers.

This 11-year-old boy understood the need in Japan and decided to live generously in order to help people he will probably never meet. Because he got this vision, he chose not only to give, but also to live self-sacrificially with what he had.

“This is but one of many times I have been floored by the generosity of people who have caught a vision for the need in Japan,” Alex said. “We have been blessed time and time again to first-hand witness these stories. It fills us with even more anticipation for the work God will do with us. It's not because of us, but because of all of those who have chosen to join our team — including Curtis. For that, we are so thankful.”

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