Day 90 - Ukraine Crisis Story

A child in Ukraine 90 days into the conflict
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Day #90

Everything that Ukrainians have been through, especially those, who survived bombing, shelling, were or still are in captivity, have lost their family members or are defending us on the frontlines... all of that makes it more than a lot. For some people it seems like eternity. It depends on what one has gone through during these 90 days.

We have seen that God is Kind and Caring! He is doing miraculous things in Ukraine. He gives strength and resources. He has given us support of many countries. He has given churches opportunities to take care of refugees and encourage them spiritually. He gives us strength and resources to serve people today. He has given us a huge number of friends that have joined us in helping those, affected by the war, with finances or food.

We glorify Jesus for all of these blessings! Without Him we would be already destroyed, but Ukraine is still standing firm, and we believe that He will lead us to the victory over the invaders and offenders from Russia.

90 days is a very long time for us. We praise Jesus for each of those days!

We thank each of you who is taking care of these people together with us during these 90 days!