Enough for Two Weeks - Ukraine Crisis Story

A church deacon's truck used for relief deliveries
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Igor* is a deacon at his church. He lost his job as a result of the war. But he has a small truck and drives in humanitarian aid. He mostly drives from Hungary to Ukraine. He has made the trip many times. He brings some of the humanitarian aid to his area, but most often goes to other areas. The church has rented three apartments to help refugees.

Today, with your help, displaced people received:

2 electric kettles
2 frying pans
4 pots
100 kg of potatoes
10 kg of carrots
Cooking oil

Enough to sustain them for two weeks. Most of them are from Kharkov.

“Thank you so much. I can’t feel the earth under my feet! Praise God for you. You [sent help] just in time. Please keep me, who is unworthy, in your hand and don’t let me be anxious in the world.”