Far North Opportunities

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What do you get when you put an accountant, a pastor, and a pilot together? An opportunity! At SEND North, we thrive off combinations like these to fulfill our short and long term goals in the villages. One of our best resources is people like you: interested and with giftings and talents we need! Through our primary organization and affiliates, there are plenty of opportunities to serve here in the Far North.

On our website, we have a Help Out page that guides you to a potential area for service. Further, on our opportunities page, the positions we need to be filled are listed, along with their descriptions, time commitments, and required qualifications. Short term opportunities include camp staff, internships, and most recently available, Guest House hosts. Long term opportunities include the Chief Financial Officer position, Chief Pilot position, nurses, teachers, and much more. To see all our opportunities available, visit our Opportunities page.

So why go?

In Matthew 14, when Jesus walked on water, Peter could have stayed in the boat. However, by stepping out of the safety and assurance of the boat and onto the sea, Peter became so much closer to the Lord, as Jesus pulled him up above the waves. For Peter, this would only be a symbol of his coming ministry, and so it is with our work. Peter experienced God in a completely new way because he was entirely dependent on Jesus alone for survival.  This is what it is like to join a faith based Christian ministry.  Initially, many people feel that raising their financial support to do ministry feels as outrageous as stepping out of a perfectly good boat to walk on water.  This is only the beginning of trusting Jesus more deeply.  When being immersed among the unreached, our faith and reliance in God are reformed and strengthened in a way only possible through adversity.

The people of the Far North are truly a phenomenal people. Driven by survival, heritage, and family, our villages offer rich lessons and relationships, as well as beauty and simplicity. However, with these gifts also comes a harsh environment, darkness, and little interaction with the Truth of God. They are hungry for the Word, and God is pursuant of their hearts.

We appreciate every donation and every prayer for our organization, but we want to encourage you to go even further: go. Use your gifts and talents to serve the Lord among the unreached in the Far North: a place of extreme conditions, loved by an extreme God.