Fuel - Ukraine Crisis Story

Fuel to deliver relief supplies in Ukraine
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It's something we probably take for granted. The prices lately have been a cause for complaining. But would you join us in praying for fuel for Ukraine?

A church partner in Ukraine explains how this is a major necessity in sending help and hope:

Everything here is very intense; there is little time to write. Today I bought 100 liters of gas and 400 liters of diesel fuel. I also ordered some "pipe-stoves" for people to cook their food. In the city there is no electricity, no gas, no water. These "pipe-stoves" are a convenient yet economical way to prepare food.

This is our situation:

  • we have the possibility to find food and medicine for refugees (there are people busy with this)
  • but this medicine and food needs to be delivered by cars, and the cars need to be fueled.
  • In Ukraine there is a deficit of fuel; we have to think about it constantly and keep a surplus (we are busy with this)

Therefore, our goal is not really fuel, our goal is evacuation, food and medicine for refugees. Without fuel it is hard to do.

A big thanks to you and to the mission for what you have already done for Ukraine and Ukrainians.