Get Away

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When was the last time you had the urge just to get out and go somewhere?  Maybe you spent days at home sick or caring for someone. Perhaps it was after weeks in the same grind of work and commute with no fun in sight. Remember how good it felt to experience a change of scenery? Now imagine what it would be like to live within one square mile (or less) with half of your modern amenities and no ability to get away. Now you are getting a glimpse of one of the biggest struggles of living in the 60/70 Window.

You see, above the 60th Parallel on the North American Continent, there are just under 3 million square miles of wilderness (7.600 million km²). The overwhelming majority of the beauty of this land is out of reach unless you exert a lot of expenses and effort. Across this region of the Far North, you will only find roughly 910,879 people. That is only about one-third the population of Toronto, Canada, or one-fourth of those who live in Los Angeles, California. All of this to say, it is isolated up here, and that impacts everything.

This info-graphic gives you another perspective on how hard it is to get away for some of our communities.  

That also shows how hard it is to get items into town. This isolation imposes a severe limit to the resources for entertainment, not to mention resources needed to survive. One has to get creative at times.

This isolation increases the cost of living, the rates of depression, and the likely hood of destructive coping mechanisms.  So you find that those who need Jesus the most are the hardest to reach!  Another reason why it is not easy to do ministry in Alaska or Northern Canada.

So, we continue to plow ahead and work to saturate these communities with God's love by bringing just the right number of believers into town.  Please pray with us for the right people and resources to fulfill this vision. You might be surprised how many ways you can help us out.  Some are very easy to do.  Check out the list on this page


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