Happy To Help

Tags: Missionary Life, SEND North, Story

"I recently had a full day of running errands, and moving people and stuff all around town. In the midst of it all, I heard myself regularly saying, "I am happy to help." And I meant it. Especially with the COVID season, we are all in, the ministry of physical helps has greatly increased.

  • The day our neighbors' heater broke. I was able to help with tools and got it going again, and even enjoyed some time to visit and drink coffee together.
  • My wife has always been a creative person. The other day she made up her own cake box mixes because normal cake mixes always require eggs, which are pretty expensive out here. So MaryAnna used her favorite eggless cake recipe and made up her own boxes for some neighbors that she felt could use some encouragement.

I always keep in mind that these physical helps are still just momentary and temporary. As much as we are happy to help, we are most eager to help by pointing people to Jesus.

I continue to share the gospel whenever possible. Sometimes in short nuggets of truth and sometimes in longer more full explanations. We are also seeing an increase in the desire to know more of who God is. Yet I have a craving to have more opportunity to share the truth of God's word in more visible and public ways.

Please pray with us for discernment on how to best hold the truth of God's word out for the community to hear and understand. Pray that we would hear whatever direction God wants us to take and to courageously follow Him. Serving God out here means patience and perseverance. Pray for us as we seek His direction and continue to follow Him."
-Jon Casey