Heroic Days - Ukraine Crisis Story

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February 26, 2022

With crisis raging now in Kyiv, our hearts are heavy. Our prayers go out for our sisters and brothers in Ukraine. 

One of our partners in Ukraine has been sharing updates with us. Here is an excerpt from one of the emails:

Last two days are very heroic for Ukraine. Many simple people become to protect capital of Ukraine Kyiv and small towns in regions. We do not know what will be next few days (because Russia army is one of the powerful army in the world) but we have not surrendered.

According to declared martial law all man 18-60 cannot leave Ukraine. So, we cannot go to Poland or other foreign countries.

Prices for renting any place for living is doubled, In Kyiv no bread or food, unstable communication lines (internet, phones), and Russian cyber-attacks on information.

I cannot believe that it is my reality in the 21st century. In the center of Europe, in Kyiv.

Friends, stay with Ukraine in spiritual breach. This war has deep spiritual roots.

We all feel that sense of helplessness. What can you do? Join us in praying, giving, and advocating for our friends in Ukraine. Please pray fervently that God would intervene, and all violence and hostilities would cease.

SEND has established the “Help Ukraine” crisis relief fund. We are well positioned to help with relief efforts in Ukraine and Eurasia. This fund is set up to maintain the greatest flexibility for use as needs arise - from seminary operating support, refugee assistance, relocation efforts, rapid relief, support of churches throughout the region, and more.