No Lone Rangers

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If you hang around long enough, you will hear us talk about an unforgiving environment, rugged individuals, and isolation.  Life is not easy in the Far North.  Even though it takes a robust inner constitution to make it up here, one can NOT make a go of it alone!  The same is true for ministry. SEND North is not the only group of believers working hard to bring God’s love to the #6070window.  We are blessed to have many ministry acquaintances, friends, and partners.  There are no Lone Rangers in God’s Kingdom!

So, let us highlight a few of our friends with links to their online profiles so you can get to know them better. 

What would we do without other aviation & support ministries like Kingdom Air Corps, Mission Aviation Repair Center, Arctic Barnabas Ministries, Great Commission Alaska, and Alaska InReach?  They are valuable aids to our work! Even with our aircraft, there are many occasions when they fill in the gap so the ministry can get done!

Northern outreach is strengthened by these three Bible schools: Alaska Bible College, Alaska Christian College, and Alaska Bible Institute.  It is vital to have solid Bible training so close for those who live in the Far North.

There are so many churches with whom we partner, collaborate, and labor.  Here are just a few:

Our Eastward Expansion would not happen without key associations in Canada. So far that list includes the Northern Evangelical Federation of Canada, Interact Canada, and Northern Canadian Evangelical Mission.

We are also blessed to be backed by SEND International’s sending-field office in Canada.

Last but not least, we are connected to some of the best youth camps in the Far North.  We can’t overstate the importance of bringing kids together who otherwise would be so isolated.  Most of the camps we work with do not have a web presence, but here are those that can be found online

We thank God for our valuable relationships!  I wonder, who can you connect with to bring the Good News to your area more effectively?  Reach out and have a conversation.  You never know what God will do!