Fruitful Practices- #1 Prayer

By A SEND Worker
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Common Threads

More than any other time in history, we are seeing God move in various regions all across the Muslim world. Research has shown that common threads can be traced through various stories of successful church plants in Muslim fields. As we want to see more churches successfully planted, we want to learn from these consistent threads or “fruitful practices.” In the quarterly SEND Hope and Light E-newsletter, we will be introducing eight fruitful practice themes.  


John 15:5~ "I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing." (NIV) 

The first issue's fruitful practice theme is Prayer.  There is a tremendous need for confident and expectant prayer; for Christian workers and by Christian workers. There is need for us, as workers, to solicit committed prayer supporters and supply them with regular requests and updates. There is also need for us to find opportunities to pray with the people we are trying to reach- for everyday situations concerning finances, health, relationships, etc.- allowing them to see the power of answered prayer.

To Be Seen by Men

We do not pray to be seen by others; we pray to be seen by others. These two sentences seem to be directly opposed to each other, but they are not.  They illustrate the tension we sometimes feel, living and ministering among Muslims. We do not pray to boast about our personal relationship with God, as if we are better people than others who do not pray. Jesus himself asks us not to do this. However, we do take opportunities to pray in front of others, so that they can witness God answering our heartfelt prayers and identify us as spiritual people. This creates openness, so when our friends have spiritual needs and questions, they know that they can approach us.

The Straight Path

Many Muslims come to faith in Jesus Christ when they see the power of prayer in Jesus’ name. Though they have ritually prayed a lifetime of memorized prayers in Arabic, these prayers have never touched their heart, soul and life! One of the ritual prayers, recited by our Muslim friends, asks God to reveal to them “the straight path” to God. Pray that while Muslim hearts genuinely seek the “straight path to God,” they will discover Jesus to be the one Way.

30 Days of Prayer

Would you pray for Muslims and for workers in the Muslim world? Every year, we have a great opportunity to join with Christians around the world in praying for the Muslim world during the Islamic Month of Ramadan.  Please check out the 30 Days of Prayer web site or prayer guidebook to see how you can be part of reaching the Muslim world for Christ through prayer. 

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