Participation in Salvation - Ukraine Crisis Story

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From one of our church partners in Ukraine:

It's Saturday, which means that more than 200 adults and 50 children came to our church to the two meetings. Our team runs 10 groups simultaneously, where they share the Gospel, and hand out food bags, personal hygiene items, detergents, clothes and medicines.

This is the most stressful day since the two big groups of people come, nearly 30 members of our team are involved, the total time required for this event is 5-6 hours and all of this takes place at the end of the working week.

When we see such a huge number of people in the church, where almost all of them don't go to any church on the regular basis, you realize that God gives people a chance to start building relationships with Him! We are very happy that we can serve so many refugees.

Today after this event the team of the children's ministry had an outdoor meeting with kids.

Thank you for your participation in these people's salvation! I am sure that in heaven, many of them will come to you and thank you that you did everything you could so that they could enter the Kingdom of God!