Signs of Victory - Ukraine Crisis Story

Billboard reminds Ukrainians that God is their defense
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We are humbled to share this small victory from a church partner in Ukraine. Even the littlest glimmer of hope in such a dark time can make a huge impact and difference in the lives of our beautiful Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

However dark it might be, the light always overcomes. We live by hope in God and we take that hope to others!

Our various directions of activity are getting deeper and becoming of a higher quality. God is expanding the borders of our ministry and the opportunity to spread the Gospel.

As far as new things go, today there was one more hospital to which we brought humanitarian aid. We started to give out packets of groceries to the members of the church, because most of the members of the church have not worked for 21 days.

Also God opened a wide door -- our church together with other churches rented and placed Christian billboards/signs in our city.

May God protect us and give us victory! 

(Billboard translation: "God, our defense and strength")