Thank You World Magazine

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Deadliest Catch, Ice Road Truckers, and The Bush People are a part of the steady diet the media seems to be feeding the general public. We who live, love, and do ministry in Alaska know that these well-edited shows don't even scratch the surface, and many times give a distorted picture of living in Alaska.

But then came World Magazine. In August, one of our team hosted Sophia Lee as she was working on a few stories for WORLD Magazine.

The second feature of the two-part series published just a few days ago.

What a breath of fresh air. We've provided the links below so you can read both articles, comment and share. Good journalism needs to be rewarded.

The first article, Way Up North, was published on October 1st and takes a hard and honest look at the history that sheds light on Native Alaskan's current struggles. By telling the stories of four Christian Native Leaders, Sophia helps us feel the pain of their past, the joy found in Christ and the good that God is bringing forth in their lives. A truly beautiful article.

The second article, Life in the Bush, focuses more on the beauty of the culture and lifestyles of those who live off the road system. The best line in the article reads, "Life in the bush has its own unique challenges, but the people are proud of their rich land and resources and subsistence lifestyle."

So read these articles and thank Sophia Lee for helping the world to see a more accurate picture of the place and people whom we love to serve. Way to go @SophiaLeeHyun!