Too Shy

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Shyness is a perfect seed for boldness. How so?  Doesn’t shyness lead to a quiet, reserved life? This is not always so, as God can use even the quietest person for bold work.

One such case comes from SEND North’s very own team member. Sue** grew up shy which made her uncertain if missions was where God was calling her. She wanted a family life immediately, but as Sue began to look into where she should go after graduating college, her path became clear.  She needed to go to the unreached.

This decision was solidified in Sue’s mind as she thought back to her time on a short-term mission trip to Asia.  That trip sparked many changes in her life. Sue was pushed beyond her limitations by teaching Sunday school and conducting street evangelism.  Sue realized that at that time her shyness melted away as she chose God’s intentions for her service over her comfort. Sue now knew she wanted to return to that area to begin church planting.

After Sue made this decision, she attended a mission conference and met SEND International. SEND International provided her with the chance to return to the area she originally served and offered a team environment for her to thrive. For over 20 years, she served there, loving the people and continually stretching her comfort and personality.

Then several years ago God again pushed Sue out of her comfort zone and climate zone by clearly directing her to SEND North. Once again, she had to trust God’s instruction: moving to a climate completely different than what she knew, and once again, away from family. Her time overseas influenced who she was, and her ability to serve in the Far North, and she is completely content where God has her now. As she stated, “I am busy working for the Lord, so I don’t even pay attention to the rain and cold!” Now more than ever, she is acting boldly in her community as she invests in multiple different groups, hosts Bible studies, and partners with local churches and organizations.

Starting out shy and unclear about God’s direction in her life, our team member has grown in her boldness in proclaiming the Gospel. She attributes this to learning to be content in all circumstances (Philippians 4:11) and delighting herself wholly in the Lord.  God has truly given her the desires of her heart (Psalm 37:4). Her desires are now focused on God’s desires for her, and she serves faithfully in the Far North.

No matter your personality, vocation, or desires, God can use you far more than you know! As our team member found, SEND International and SEND North may be the organization to encourage you and give you the tools for the ministry which God has been preparing you. To discover the many ways you can be a part of God’s work, check out this webpage:

*Not her real name