Inviting the Word into their homes

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When we offered 15 Shan girls educational scholarships, our vision went beyond rescuing them from the sex trade. Even as we watched the gospel change these teens’ lives, we persistently prayed for a breakthrough that would transform their entire village.

We prayed for years, but only one Bible storytelling group started. We saw little interest in the gospel — until now.

We coupled our persistent petitions with frequent visits to the village. When we prayed for one woman, Pa Pram*, she felt the healing power that came through the name of Jesus.

Pa Pram told us that the local fortune-teller does not welcome our visits — when we’re around, the spirits she cries out to do not show up. Pa Pram used to go to that fortune-teller, but now she believes that the Spirit of the Christians is different. She even believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus, but still worships Buddha alongside Jesus.

Pa Pram wants to understand the gospel better, so she’s invited us to share the stories from the Bible in her home.

After years of prayer, the breakthrough has begun!

And it’s not just Pa Pram. In less than two months, three other village households have invited us to start Bible storytelling groups. Instead of one home group, we suddenly have  five!

In one new group, the team shared the creation story from Genesis. The villagers listened intently. When it was over, they announced, “We have never heard anything like that in our entire lives.”

Our small team is thrilled. We’re also overwhelmed. But this leads to another breakthrough: We are training the Shan teen scholars to lead these storytelling groups. The Shan dorm mom and one of the young women have already begun telling the stories, marking the beginning of a second-generation disciple- making movement.

Thank you, Lord, for new Bible-storying groups! May many more Shan trust you as Savior.

Reprinted from SEND International's 2016 Annual Report. 

*Not her real name


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