Urgent needs: Passionate response

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It often takes a team to save lives. When each member plays his or her role with passion, lives are changed forever. Like 15 Shan girls from a village in northern Thailand. They were the core of the new church plant, but they were in danger. Each was nearing the end of their free schooling and for the vast majority of girls in that village, that means being sent to the large cities to become prostitutes.

Girls like 13-year-old Nina who met SEND missionaries when she started coming to the community center to make crafts. As she listened to the Bible stories they told, she grew interested in reading the Bible for herself and soon joined their study. Through this, Nina trusted in Jesus as her Savior.

Nina wanted to share the gospel with her family as well and invited the missionaries to her home. After several visits, Nina’s parents offered their home to host a Bible study. Each Friday they listen as their daughter reads a story from her Bible and the missionaries lead a discussion.

The missionaries shared Nina’s story with SEND’s US and Canadian offices. Soon the story, including Nina’s prayer request for her family, was posted on SEND’s blog. As people around the world read it, they prayed for the salvation of Nina’s family. Just a few weeks ago, God answered those prayers and both of her parents put their faith in Christ as well.

We also heard about 12-year-old Pompan. After her brother died, her family connected with the SEND missionaries. She began coming to the Bible study and became a Christian a few months later.

During the Bible study, Pompan heard the story of the three men in the fiery furnace. Later, at her school, she was faced with a dilemma. Every morning, everyone in the school would bow down to worship a prominent statue of Buddha. But Pompan refused. When the teachers confronted her on it, she said, “The only Lord I bow down to is Christ.”

These were the very girls facing the terrifying likelihood of sexual slavery. Many have older sisters that are already enslaved. What could the missionaries do to break this cycle?

They came up with a plan. Since paying for school was too much of a burden for the families, they would find sponsors to fund the girls’ education and provide housing. Now they just needed to get the word out.

The SEND US and Canadian offices leapt into action. Media spread the message through blog posts and eblasts and features on the website. Representatives met with donors and shared the girls’ stories. Receiptors patiently and carefully documented each donation. In just ten days, all 15 girls had sponsors, and within a month, the dorm was fully funded!

Doug Harder, the Southeast Asia Regional Director, wrote, “I sat here today looking at the profile pictures of all these girls, and could hardly contain my joy.” Those girls are safe because three key groups stepped up: the missionaries, the SEND offices, and the donors. Each played a vital role.

SEND missionaries around the world have dreams and projects and plans just like those in Thailand. We in the US Office love to provide them with the resources they need. We do that best when our operations are fully funded. That’s where you come in. When you support the US Office, you enable us to continue to provide your missionaries with vital leadership and essential services. Your gifts keep the team moving forward.

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Together, our team—the missionaries, the US Office, and you, our partner—can share the life-saving message of the gospel with the lost.