'Vital instruments' in new faith

Tags: Internship, Story, Thailand

By Eric Obado, SEND missionary from the Philippines to Thailand — Praise God for our short-termers from Mexico and Colombia! They have been vital instruments in the new faith of two Cambodian young ladies.

David, Pablo, Alex, and Fabian are remarkable in their passion to share the gospel. These guys intentionally and enthusiastically share the Word with everyone they meet. Every day, we play basketball, soccer, badminton and board games in order to get to know people, and then we share God's love by our life testimonies and the Creation to Christ Bible story.

We have been meeting so many Cambodian students who are studying Thai at the university, and it's just amazing how positive their response is to the Gospel message. Many are coming to worship with us, but Neth and Lheap were particularly open to the gospel message. Every time David, Pablo, Alex and Fabian saw them, they would talk about how God created us and loves us so much.

Neth and Lheap soon decided to follow Jesus and be baptized. Now we can disciple them to reach out and disciple their own people and Thai students.

As David, Pablo, Alex, and Fabian head back to Rio Grande Bible Institute, thank the Lord for the way he used them in Thailand this summer, and pray for his discernment as they seek out their role in the Great Commission. 

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  • SEND understands that it takes people from all nations to reach all nations. We are intentionally multiethnic and multinational, collaborating with sending offices and partner agencies around the world to send disciple-makers to the unreached. Check out the resources on our Better Together page.