Desperate for Deliverance
August 2022

By a member of Team Hope in Southeast Asia | Asia 

A 2009 graduate of our university scholarship program recently came knocking on the door of our non-profit office. Having been tormented for eight long months by evil spirits and curses inflicted upon her in the village where she is from, Nayda* was desperate. Nayda, a Muslim woman, had done much research to discover how she might be free from this oppression but had found no permanent release. She had even turned to the Kitab (Bible) and found passages about the authority given to the followers of Isa (Jesus) to cast out demons. She had prayed and asked God to lead her, and she ended up at the door of our office, where she had not stepped foot since graduating 13 years ago. Not by coincidence, I was there that day. As I came to the door, tears streamed down her face. I invited her to go home with me that night and she continues to live with me. She has heard the gospel and that Jesus is the one who can set her free but she is not ready to make that decision to follow Isa. She continues to do what she believes will bring her relief from this torment and we continue to walk with her. We pray that Nayda will have dreams and visions of Isa to confirm what she has heard. 

*Name changed for privacy, not pictured in photo.

Photo credit: International Mission Board 

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