How We Work

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As we share the gospel and make disciples among unreached people groups around the world, SEND International stresses these four areas (click below for more information on each): 

SEND missionaries live out the gospel in front of their neighbors. To do this, they learn the language well and live among the people they hope to reach.

SEND understands that it takes people from all nations to reach all nations. It’s part of our history: Some of SEND’s earliest missionaries were Asians who returned home after World War II to share the gospel with their war-ravaged fellow countrymen. We continue to be intentionally multiethnic and multinational, collaborating with sending offices and partner agencies around the world to send disciple-makers to the unreached. 

SEND believes strongly that teams are a highly effective way to engage unreached people. While all SEND missionaries serve on a team, the way the team functions depends on the team’s assignment and location. Some teams work very closely together on the same project and ministry while other teams work more independently but check in with each other regularly.
Member Care
SEND is a mission agency committed to the overall well-being of its members and we go to great lengths to make sure the whole family is supported and cared for. SEND’s member care includes:
  • Pre-field training and coaching
  • Ongoing education and resources
  • Missionary children services including educational consulting and resources, pre-field training, kids’ programs at conferences, debriefing and care for children and care for college MKs
  • Debriefing and retreats for missionaries returning on home service
  • Personal coaching while raising support and between field and home assignments
  • Counseling assessment and referrals for those who need extended debrief or professional counseling.