Changed by the Gospel

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In Taiwan, many people adhere to Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Folk religion
and ancestral worship ensnare many in superstition and spiritual darkness. Due to these realities, missionaries devote themselves to evangelism, discipleship, and biblical instruction.

Carol Vuong, a missionary from Toronto, passionately shares Christ with nonbelievers in Taiwan. She also disciples new believers. Here are a few examples of how God has used Carol to impact lives for eternity!

Cong is a self-employed young man who runs a breakfast shop. After five years of spiritual conversations with Carol, Cong decided to join an Alpha course. The questions he had were numerous! However, the Holy Spirit revealed biblical truth, and his spiritual eyes were opened. Cong professed his faith in Jesus. He continues in devotion to his Saviour.

Yu and Hui, sisters, attended breakfast meetings at a local church and even joined Praise and Worship, but then suddenly left! One day Carol invited them to a Bible study on the Gospel of Mark. They learned that Jesus Christ is all-powerful, and while on earth, He cast out demons, healed the sick, and calmed the storm. Yu and Hui trusted Christ as their Saviour! They are attending worship services again. Carol continues to encourage them on their spiritual journey.

In 2020, Carol taught a baptism course. Cong, Yu, and Hui were all baptized.

Yu recently applied what she learned during her Bible study with Carol. Yu met some friends for dinner, and before eating, she prayed. Immediately, one lady shared about seeing a demon during the prayer. Yu remembered that demons were cast out by Jesus. So, in His name she prayed for her friend’s deliverance from the evil spirit.

God is using Carol’s continued faithful ministry to impact these believers. They are growing in their faith and are witnessing to others who do not know Christ!

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