Does God Have a Plan for Me?

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From Josie who is on a one-year mission in Macedonia.

Have you ever wondered if God has a specific plan for your life? I’m excited to be able to share my story with you.   

In grade 12, I had an opportunity to go on a short-term missions trip to Peru. While there I believed God was calling me into cross-cultural work. When I returned to Canada that calling was confirmed, not so much through feelings, but through the Word. I was reading 1 Peter where Paul encourages us to consider our calling. I earnestly wanted to do what God was calling me to. As I talked with my parents, they helped me to see that my calling is to serve people.

Finding the Right Opportunity 

Soon after this, God clearly led me to talk with a missionary who attends my church. As I shared with him what God is doing in my life, he encouraged me to consider a longer cross-cultural experience to get a good understanding of overseas ministry. I prayed and considered different options. When I heard about a 1-year ministry opportunity in Macedonia I knew that this is where I should be going. I believed that the opportunity was a good fit for my skills and passion!

Experiencing Struggles

However, despite wanting to follow God’s leading I have faced some struggles: combating loneliness, fighting Satan’s doubting whispers, “Did God really call you to this?” “Do you really believe that you can do this?” Spending time in prayer, God showed me that I need to lean on Him and not rely on myself. Plus, God revealed to me that my worth is in belonging to Him and not in those around me. He also used a timely conversation with a godly friend to speak truth to me. I believe that God is using these experiences to prepare me for what might be ahead!

I laid down my plan to follow HIS.

I want to use this year, of serving alongside a missionary team, to discern if God is calling me to missions long-term. I want to learn how to contextualize the Gospel and understand how to effectively share my faith and serve people in a cross-cultural setting.

Following God's Plan

This time last year, my goal was to go to culinary school, but God grew a new desire in me and redirected me to serving Him cross-culturally.  I laid my plan down to follow His, and I’m looking forward to seeing what it holds! 

He has a plan for you too!  Are you open to following Him wherever He leads? 

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