God's Provision for Starving Families

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This post is an excerpt from SEND Canada's 2020 Annual Report. To read more, click here!


“What will we do with all this food?” our team leader in Southeast Asia wondered, looking around a warehouse stacked with nutrition packs. “Will the rats get to it? Will this blessing become a burden?”

Abundance of Supply

The so-called Manna Packs, which contain nutrient- and protein-enriched rice, were donated before our team’s medical clinics held in February 2020. Megan, a nurse from Ontario, participated in the medical outreach alongside other volunteer doctors. During the clinics, Megan conducted check-ups on patients and worked closely with the doctors. Patients who came for medical attention were taught nutrition and food safety, and each one took a Manna Pack home with them.

Around 1000 Manna Packs were given to the patients. Still, about 30,000 Manna Packs remained! One worker asked God, “Is there a famine in the land?” Then COVID-19 hit.

A Barrier and an Answer to Prayer

The people in the region were not allowed to go outside their houses. Many people started to panic, especially those who earn just enough each day to purchase what they need for the day. And while our team did have food, they did not have permission to travel within their own cities, much less to rural regions.

Our team quickly pulled together a Manna Pack Task Force, which started persistently contacting government officials, offering to deliver the nourishing food.

Eventually, officials allowed the team to cross the city to meet a government vehicle that would then carry the Packs to rural communities. Because God provided and our workers persisted, starving families could eat. Praise be to God for how He works!

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