Agricultural Training Center/Community Development

Opp ID: 1239
Agricultural training center in mountainous area in Southeast Asia
Resilient, hard-working people who love the outdoors, don't mind living simply, are highly independent, and want to build relationships with the local Muslim community through agricultural training programs.
Country: Asia, Southeast Asia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Team Hope has two opportunities for agricultural ministry:

1. Agricultural Training Center:

Team Hope’s Agricultural Training Center teaches Muslim farmers to be good stewards of God’s creation through hillside terrace farming and organic agricultural techniques. Goat management and year-round gardening program models help farmers feed their families, while exposing them to Biblical stories, values, and teaching. New ventures are tilapia fish pond project, oyster mushroom cultivation, honey bees for pollination, rabbits, and chickens raised for eggs. We also provide on-the-job training for agricultural students from the local university.

Responsibilities of an Agricultural or Community Development Worker may include:

  • Developing sustainable and organic farming systems
  • Teaching nationals practical farming and crops
  • Animal Husbandry (goat management)
  • Developing creation care and land restoration projects such as reforestation
  • Research associate to innovate agricultural and farm-related strategies
  • Taking opportunities to be Jesus to others and share his stories

2. Agricultural Project Worker on a University Campus:

We have a new endeavor to create a smaller version of our Agricultural Training Center on our university campus property. We desire to teach university students and professors urban farming techniques and to provide agricultural students an affordable way to complete their thesis research.

Responsibilities of this Project Worker may include:

  • Managing student projects
  • Facilitating training events for sustainable and organic farming techniques 
  • Being a regular presence at our student center, which is connected to our campus agricultural training center
  • Building intentional relationships with students who are studying agriculture
  • Sharing Bible stories and truth from God’s Word

Note: College and university internships are available in community development, soil science, agriculture, animal husbandry, organic farming, etc. Please contact us for more information so that we can confirm we are able to provide an experience that would fulfill your academic requirements.
Specific Qualifications:
  • For short and mid-term opportunities, this will take place as a part of/in conjunction with either Campus Outreach or Community Worker
  • Experience and knowledge in agricultural techniques and/or animal husbandry
  • Ability to live independently - the Agricultural Training Center is located in a quiet and isolated area with limited social interaction
  • Learn the local language
  • Building relationships and being the presence of Jesus
  • Sharing Bible stories and Biblical truth