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Making disciples among the unreached

Featured article

Now she knows — she is a child of God

Following her devout mother's advice, when life got tough, Tomoko tried out a particular approach to Buddhism. But the advice she got there just didn't suit her life as an ex-pat Japanese. SEND’s diaspora ministry helps Japanese like Tomoko explore Christianity in their own language while they’re in a new culture — and changes lives, like Tomoko's. Read the whole story

The Path to Peace

The lotus flower, rooted in mud, grows and blossoms above the swamp in beauty and purity. This Buddhist image conveys peace in the midst of life’s hard realities. Many long to be like the lotus, to escape pain, to transcend trials, to find happiness and inner peace.

But in the end, even the lotus flower will fade, rot, and become part of the swamp from which it grew. Ironically, that is an accurate picture of the goal of Buddhism, which is to eliminate the “self” or the ego. Peace in Buddhism means being one with the universe, but it also means your hopes, dreams, longings, and desires have to be curtailed—even your desire for peace. Jesus offers a peace that is complete, perfect, and full. The Prince of Peace came to put us back into a right relationship with our Creator God. He gives true peace, the longing of our souls.

The Bible says, “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.” The lotus flower might be a beautiful symbol, but it represents a belief system that does not offer true peace. Throughout the world, SEND workers bring Jesus’ offer of peace to Buddhists. Here, you'll find their stories and prayer and other resources so that you, too, can be involved in helping Buddhists journey the path to peace.


7-day prayer guide for your Buddhist friends and neighbors

30 Days of Prayer for Isaan prayer guide for one of Thailand’s least-reached people groups

Joshua Project’s unreached Buddhist people groups information

Change the Map’s Instagram prayer feedexclusively about Buddhists


On the field: SEND missionaries engage the unreached in more than 20 countries across the globe. We work together in teams, supporting one another in ministry and in growth in Christ. We mentor new missionaries to help them learn to make disciples in their new culture. Explore our opportunities to make disciples among the unreached.


SEND’s Buddhist ministries: Use these ministry guides to learn more about our work in countries with Buddhist populations.

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Supporting the following projects directly impacts SEND’s ability to continue and expand our work among Buddhists.

OBC Next Generation for Christ Phase 2
In: Japan
When it comes to sharing the love of Jesus, it breaks our heart to have to turn anyone away. But Okutama Bible Chalet has run out of space. More than 6,000 people each year hear the gospel or... Read More »
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Shan Student Dorm Project (2018-2020)
In: Thailand
Nearly twenty adolescent girls in a Shan village have embraced Jesus as their Lord, and are growing in their passion to know and worship Him! But they face a tragic future. With hardly an... Read More »
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