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Isaan, Northern Thai, Shan
Major Religions
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SEND’s Ministry
University students. Urban professionals. Desperately poor villagers. At-risk women. Drug addicts. The needs in Thailand are so vast, that ministry cannot be limited to one group. With creativity, passion and vision, SEND Thailand reaches into all these spheres of society with one goal: To share the life-changing message of Jesus.
Spiritual Climate

The peoples of north and east Thailand practice Theravada Buddhism mixed with animistic practice and superstition. SEND Thailand reaches out to two main people groups:

  • The Shan in Northern Thailand. Generational poverty greatly influences the Shan way of life. Opportunities for ministry include empowering young women through education in order to break cycles of poverty and involvement in the sex trade; support of addiction recovery programs; and training in agriculture and other sustainable economic practices.
  • The Isaan, comprised of 18 million people on the northeastern plateau. In general, these are friendly, hospitable people, proud of their culture and beliefs. Our outreach takes place in university communities, where people are dedicated to education, yet have never learned about Jesus nor met a Christian.
Team Goals

Come join the team in Thailand, where you can:

  • Seek to share a culturally relevant gospel through biblical storytelling.
  • Set in motion a movement of faith in Christ that multiplies rapidly through ordinary people.
  • Serve Thais through micro-business, English classes and community development.
  • Focus on either the urban areas of the Isaan region, or rural ministry among the Shan.
  • Disciple new believers while continuing to share the gospel with those who have never heard the name of Christ.
Life in Thailand looks like:
  • An adventure! Our team always stands poised to seize unexpected opportunities to proclaim the name of Christ.
  • The excitement of connecting every day with people in your community who have never heard the gospel.
  • More opportunities than you can imagine to build relationships, especially through English-language outreach.
  • The beauty of seashore, forests, and mountains.
  • Amazing food, thriving markets, and bustling cities.
  • Celebrating every step on the journey people take toward Jesus.
  • Discipling new believers for whom faith in Christ makes them feel like strangers in their own culture.

Would you be a good fit for this team? 

To thrive in Thailand, you will need:

  • Patience. Many people will not respond to the love of Christ; those who do will need discipleship as they step out of idol worship.
  • Willingness to serve behind the scenes, enabling Thai believers to take the lead in ministry as soon as possible.
  • A growing, committed relationship with Christ.
  • Eagerness to partner with others, to work on a team, and to communicate with openness and honesty.
  • Excitement about working with people from different cultures and backgrounds, and sensitivity in multicultural teaming.
  • Innovation, creativity and passion.

Opportunities in Thailand

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Project in Thailand

Educational Scholarship Project
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