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Making disciples among the unreached

Russia field engages two new UPGs

Tags: Church Planting, Russia, Story

Two decades ago, as the Soviet Union crumbled, a young Slavic couple moved across the border from their native Ukraine, hoping to reach other Russian speakers with the gospel.

Slavic* and Katya* arrived in Russia’s Ural Mountain region to a city of one million—but they found only one evangelical church with 100 members. The next two years were exciting, as God added 50 young believers to the church.

God went on to lead Slavic and Katya to a different church-planting effort in Russia, but they never forgot their time in the Ural Mountains.

Our team in Russia has long asked the Lord for opportunities to engage new unreached people groups. In the past year, he started opening door after door in answer to these prayers.

Slavic and Katya were the keys.

As our team sought the Lord’s leading, Slavic and Katya reconnected with two of the young men who had come to Christ during their stay 20 years ago. These men were now pastors and each had roots in two of Russia’s 80 unreached people groups.

Other believers in the community had started to write Christian songs in their own language.

Not only did God give Slavic and Katya these connections, he gave his Word. For the first time, the whole New Testament has been published in the language of one of the unreached people groups.

After 20 years, Slavic and Katya have returned to this Ural Mountain region, once again ready to engage the lost — although this time, their focus isn’t on Russian speakers. They’ve joined a passionate team of experienced and new workers, all with a heart to make disciples among the unreached.

For Slavic and Katya — and for our team in Russia — the time is right. God’s time is always right.

Thank you, Lord, for your perfect timing.

May these unreached groups be reached with the gospel.

 Reprinted from SEND International's 2016 Annual Report.

*Not their real names


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