Located in Farmington Michigan, the United States office equips Americans for cross-cultural ministry.

We seek to send people from all nations to all nations. If you feel called into missions, but are not from the United States, click here to find the office that is right for you.

US Council
  • John Baird, Retired, Ford Motor Company, Human Resources Director, Worldwide Product Development
  • Rick Bernard, President, Insurance Planning Services
  • David Gregory, VP of Strategic Development, Newport One
  • Jeff Krimmel, Director of Development, China Outreach Ministries
  • Isabel Lee, Minister of Women’s Ministry, Chinese Bible Church of Maryland
  • Dr. Eric Moore, Moody Theological Seminary, Michigan, Assistant Professor, Applied Theology
  • Jeffrey Moshier, Provost, Taylor University
  • Dan Severn, Vice President of Operations, Furman Enterprises