Northern Ministry Training


Are you interested in a scholarship? Class at NMT

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Scholarship requests are due by April 15.

We believe that NMT is an incredibly valuable opportunity for learning, growing, and networking. It involves the entire family, and everyone benefits from NMT. While parents are in sessions, their children and youth will be strengthened and encouraged through our dynamic TCK Program.

NMT is equally valuable to short-term workers, volunteers, ministry support and office staff, and church leaders.

Educators? Do we have something for you?  This may be the best Pro D you take during your professional career! We are putting together some workshops that are relevant, utilize solid educational practices for the workshop, and will provide you with opportunities to conceptualize, strategize, and leave with some solid goals for implementation in your practice and ministry.

Scholarships are limited, but open to anyone that God is prompting to attend. Apply now to see if we can help make it financially possible for you, and your family, to attend NMT.