A Sense of Hopelessness

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May lived with a sense of hopelessness. Her home had been flooded by a tsunami, her health was a constant challenge, and she struggled with depression. On top of this, she did not enjoy a loving relationship with her husband.  

Enter Dave and Eileen, SEND mission workers who moved to Sendai, Japan, to minister to the victims of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. One summer day May spotted Eileen in her community and quickly got out of her vehicle to speak her. May was excited to see an American lady living in her own neighborhood!  

No Spiritual Responsiveness 

After that initial meeting, May and her son began visiting Eileen and Dave’s home, enjoying American food and playing table games. Eventually, Eileen invited May to some Bible times to learn about God. She even had opportunities to personally share the gospel with May, but there seemed to be no spiritual responsiveness.  

However, God uses many different circumstances in a person’s spiritual journey to draw people to Himself. During a trip to Taiwan last year, May struggled again with her health. Eileen had often prayed with May regarding her medical challenges, so May decided to pray. God wonderfully answered by giving her strength and May realized that God had heard her prayer! This was one experience among many that strengthened May’s desire to know God.   

Impacted by a Believer’s Testimony 

Late last year, Eileen and Dave started to see a difference in May. There seemed to be spiritual life and a responsiveness which they had not seen before. Then, just a few months ago, May met some Taiwanese Christians who were staying with Eileen and Dave. One of the believers shared his struggle with depression and how God had helped him. May was so touched by his testimony, she later texted Eileen acknowledging that she wanted to confess her sins and believe in Christ. 

Eileen and Dave led May in prayer to express her faith in Jesus. They are thankful for May’s clear assurance of her salvation! Although May’s health condition has not greatly improved, she recognizes that God is with her and is helping her!  

That is just one of several notable differences in May’s changed life. She now responds kindly to her husband instead of fighting which May acknowledges she was not able to do before. And recentlyMay shared with Eileen that she feels compelled be to pray for others and tell them about Jesus! 

It is inspiring to see how God drew May to Himself and used Eileen and Dave, living out their faith and sharing His Word with her.  

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