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Baptism at 20 Below
When making Disciples in the Far North, creativity is required!
Country: Canada, SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Merry Christmas from SEND Canada!
Canadian Director highlights 3 ways he has seen God at work through SEND Canada in 2017.
Resource Type: Video
Fruitful Practices #7 and #8 - Intentional...
New believers in the Muslim world can immediately and courageously share how God has changed...
Country: Muslim Ministries, Southeast Asia
Resource Type: Story
Discipleship is for everyone
D house intern: Discipleship is 'worth the initial awkwardness of asking! God has designed...
Country: Asia
Resource Type: Story
Does ministry in one of the world’s most beautiful, untouched, and extreme places interest you?
Country: Canada, SEND North
Resource Category: Exploring Missions
Resource Type: Story
Prepared for Battle
Spiritual warfare is not always what it seems.
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Between Two Worlds
The youth in the Far North struggle to find their place. Jesus can be their anchor in the...
Country: North America, SEND North
Resource Type: Story
“It is God’s story, I’m just living it!”
Tiffany continues her journey into missions, following God's leading one step at a time.
Country: Canada, Japan
Crossing Cultures to Reach Muslim Refugees
An unlikely team of women join together to serve among Muslim refugees.
Country: Middle East, Muslim Ministries
Resource Type: Story