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Missions - Different Than I Expected
What did Caleb learn about missions life during his cross-cultural internship?
Resource Type: Story
Willing to Learn
A mission worker in Russia shares what it's like to be a "learner" - and how it can make an...
Country: Russia
Resource Type: Story
God Can Use Your Gifts
Tiffany discovers how God can use her unique gifts on the missions field. How might God use...
Resource Type: Story
Willing to Change?
A cross-cultural worker recounts how unexpected changes in her missions journey were...
Resource Type: Story
No Lone Rangers
We could not do this work alone! Here is a short list of our friends and partners in ministry.
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Winter 2018 SEND North Newsletter
A brief look at what God is doing in The Far North
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Highlights, Challenges, and a Special Request
Canadian Director shares ministry highlights and challenges, and a special request.
Resource Type: Video
No Ordinary River
Stepping into the River of Life can take your breath away.
Country: Alaska, SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Resource Category: Testimonies
The Merger
God can bring very different people together to do extraordinary work!