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The Gathering
Country: Canada, SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Does God Have a Plan for Me?
Josie recounts how God used a mission trip, scripture, and people to lead her to Macedonia.
Country: Macedonia
Resource Type: Story
Walking with the Unloved
Missions often involves walking alongside people who are unloved by their community.
Resource Type: Story
Coffee and Questions
A husband and wife in Macedonia ask questions about God and become followers of Jesus.
Resource Type: Story
The Culture of Coffee
Macedonia's welcoming culture presents opportunities to share about Jesus.
Resource Type: Story
Following Family
As people in Macedonia accept Christ they find their new family in the church.
Resource Type: Story
Spiritual Hooks
Simple ideas to share your faith
Country: SEND North
Resource Type: Story
Missions - Different Than I Expected
What did Caleb learn about missions life during his cross-cultural internship?
Resource Type: Story
Willing to Learn
A mission worker in Russia shares what it's like to be a "learner" - and how it can make an...
Country: Russia
Resource Type: Story